Warm blanket Medical Device / Blanket

The Warm Blanket series, Warm Blanket, is made from plant-based carbon fiber developed for medical use.

ABOUT ORGAHEXA What is plant-based carbon fiber?

Plant-based carbon fiber is a cotton fiber that is carbonized in a “soft state” by baking it through a unique technology.
Far-infrared rays, antibacterial effect, sterilization and deodorization effect have been verified through a wide range of experiments.
Eye masks, socks, and other products made from plant-based carbon fiber are available on the market.

Gunma Textile Testing Center Test Report

features Potential effects of Plant-Based Carbon Fibers

We are developing and selling a series of warm blankets made of plant-based carbon fiber.
The “power of charcoal” has been used in human life for a long time, and plant-based carbon fiber is the further enhancement and stabilization of that power.

Warm blanktet effects①
Far-infrared heating effect

The plant-based carbon fiber warm blanket warms your body by radiating far-infrared rays and promotes blood circulation throughout your body. This is the perfect solution for those who suffer from coldness and poor circulation.
It can also be used in “warming activities” to strengthen your body’s basic metabolism and immunity by raising your body temperature.

Warm blanket effects ②
Deodorizing and antibacterial properties

Plant-based carbon fiber is carbonized and porous with lots of tiny holes, and its properties help adsorb odors, moisture, harmful substances, and provide antibacterial action.
In addition, it has a high repellent rate of 85% for mites and controls ringworm fungus, making it ideal for use in hospitals and other spaces that need to maintain a clean environment.

product summary

The blanket type is easy to use indoors to warm up your waist, knees, and other body parts or when you go outside.
It is available in three sizes as a standard blanket for use at bedtime or during treatment in the clinic.

Name Size Model Dimensions

Warm Blanket



Warm Blanket




Warm Blanket




Warm Blanket