NATURAL SPA FOOT Health Appliance/Foot Spa

It is a foot warmer that allows you to easily experience the “footbath feeling”.
Uses far-infrared rays and radium to warm your feet and body.
Light tones made from North American hemlock wood that naturally matches any interior.


Clinics and osteopathic clinics waiting rooms

at home

As a gift for birthdays, Father’s Day,
Mother’s Day, and Elder’s day


Far-infrared rays that warm up
to the core of the body

It comes with a function to effectively warm your feet and body with far-infrared rays and at the same time prevent concerning electromagnetic waves.

2WAY feature of radium stone and far-infrared rays

Sit on the upper lid with “Radium” known for radon thermal bath or remove the upper lid and wrap your cold feet with far-infrared rays. Warm your body in two ways.

Easy operation

It can be easily used by children to seniors with the attached remote control and the operation panel of the main unit.


Model HA-001
Power voltage 100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 180W
Dimensions W49×D35×H40cm
Weight 8kg
Time set 0-60 minutes