Anyspa Far-infrared sauna

Japan has a lot of hot springs and the Japanese are world famous for their love of bathing.
We, HearMEC sell Anyspa so that Japanese people who like hot springs can easily enjoy using the sauna at home.
The Anyspa is easy to set up and install. The Anyspa is a modern far infrared sauna with relaxation features such as color therapy and bedrock bathing.
Unlike conventional high temperature saunas which only raise the temperature in the room, the Anyspa has far infrared panels on all sides which slowly warm the body from the depths and stimulate sweating.
You can relax and enjoy the far-infrared sauna. If you would like a sauna but don’t have the space, don’t worry.


Color LED
(Color Therapy)

LED color therapy lights are placed on the ceiling. Enjoy the “color sauna” experience according to your mood.
The color LED lights can be turned on and off.

High performance operation

The sauna can also be controlled from a smartphone if you download the app.


You can enjoy your favorite music from the built-in speaker, which is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Floor tile specification

Bedrock bathing ion tiles with 10 mm thick far-infrared heaters are placed on the floor, efficiently applying far-infrared radiation to the feet to warm the body from different angles.

Far infrared heaters

Far infrared rays

  • Less heat and breathlessness
  • Low temperature reduces physical stress
  • Far infrared rays help to transmit heat to the depths of the body
  • Less skin irritation
  • Quick and easy calorie burning
  • Ventilation openings allow fresh air to be drawn in
  • Double sweating effect compared to hot sauna
  • Long and relaxing bath

Ventilation openings

Adjustable sliding ventilation openings in the ceiling to let in fresh air. Enjoy a comfortable, breath free far infrared sauna bath.

Ample space

The products are available in sizes for one, two or three people, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Exterior lights

The sauna doorway is illuminated. This is a safe and efficient way to avoid tripping in dark rooms.

Interior lights

You can comfortably enjoy reading in the sauna room. It also illuminates the sauna as a room light.

Red cedar & Hemlock

The most important wood among the species found in Western Canada. It is considered the “tree of life” and is used to make canoes and dwellings (roofs and outbuildings).

Red cedar & Hemlock

The lower branches die off as the tree grows, resulting in a straight-grained, densely textured timber.


Specifications / Model For 1 person For 2 person For 3 person
Model IG-510DX IG-520DX IG-530DX
Dimensions (cm) W92×H194×D100 W123×H194×D106 W178×H194×D106
Weight (kg) 103kg 132kg 170kg
Material Hemlock & Red Cedar Hemlock & Red Cedar Hemlock & Red Cedar
Power output 1500W 1750W 1950W
Power supply 200~240V 200~240V 200~240V
Max. temperature 70℃ 70℃ 70℃
Usage time Up to 60 minutes Up to 60 minutes Up to 60 minutes
Illumination (LED)
Exterior Iights 1 2 3
Interior Iights 1 2 3
Bluetooth (Music Play)
Wi-Fi (Operating)