AnySpa Moisture Health Appliance /Heating Equipment

A dry-type warm and humid mat that gently warms the body with warm and humid action.
Anyspa Moisture warms the body gently with a moisturizing and comfortable warmth like a steaming towel or warm compress by vaporizing the natural moisture absorbed in the brushed cloth with a heating element. It can also be used as a mat.


Back and Waist




Useful in such situations

At clinics, osteopathic clinics, beauty salons, and relaxation salons, it warms your body and affected areas moderately and supports treatments.

Self-care at home

This is convenient when you want to easily warm the stiff or injured parts such as the back, hips, shoulders, and knees.

Easy operation

Temperature and time can be easily set with a simple button operation with the attached controller.


Product name AnySpa Moisture
Model HM-6836
Power voltage AC100 50/60HZ
Power consumption 290W
Dimensions 68×36cm
Treatment time Up to 60 minutes
Treatment temperature 30~65°C