ABOUT HEARMECWe have introduced a quality control system
as a company that manufacture medical device in Japan.

Do you have an oxygen capsule that needs repair?

We plan, develop, manufacture and sell oxygen capsules in-house.
Recently, the recognition of oxygen capsules has increased. There are many oxygen capsule manufacturers, but we are striving to make it available to as many people as possible, not only in Japan.
As we progressed as an oxygen capsule manufacturer, we learned that many users have capsules that need repair. In order to solve the problems of such people, we have newly established a department that accepts repairs of oxygen capsules, including products of other companies.
If you have an oxygen capsule that needs repair, please contact us first. We can help you and give you advice.

  • ISO13485 Introduction
  • License for Manufacturing of Medical Devices
  • License for Marketing of Medical Devices
  • License for Selling Specially-Controlled Medical Devices
  • License for Repairing Medical Devices
  • Taiwan Medical Device Certification
  • Vietnam Medical Device Certification
  • Indian Medical Device Certification
  • Other Medical Device Certification for each country

O2 SERIESHyperbaric Oxygen Chamber O2 Series

Capsule Type
O2 Prime CABIN
Cabin Type

HearMEC Co., Ltd. manufactures three types of hyperbaric oxygen chambers (oxygen capsules) according to the customer’s requirements and requests. In addition to advising managers who want to utilize oxygen capsules for operating facilities and businesses, we also provide opening and operational support, so we would be grateful if you consider consulting with us as a “reliable expert in hyperbaric oxygen chambers”.


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