We are committed to supporting the development of modern medical care and a more prosperous society
through our contributions
to medical, health, and related fields

We will continue to pursue our mission
in the medical, health and related fields
to achieve a prosperous and healthy society where people can live in comfort and peace

As a team of engineers with heart,
we will pursue an ideal medical environment
always with the respect for life and health

PROFILE Company Profile

Company name HearMEC Co., Ltd.
Establishment October 1998
Capital stock 35 million yen
Location 956-2 Yura-cho, Ota City, Gunma Prefecture 〒373-0036
Phone +81-276-30-4020
Representative President and Representative Director Nobuyuki Kato
Number of employees 9 employees, 6 part-time workers and 1 other contract employee
Annual sales 250 million yen
Accounts settlement May
Banks Gunma Bank
Ashikaga Bank
Towa Bank
Business items
  1. Manufacture, sale and repair of physical therapy equipment
  2. Hyperbaric capsule manufacturing, sales and repair
  3. Far-infrared sauna manufacturing, sales and repair
  4. OEM Business

HISTORY Company History

October 20, 1998
Establishment HearMEC Ltd.

July, 2000
Capital is increased to 10 million yen and the company becomes a corporation.

November, 2001
Kneelax II, a knee joint traction device, was released.

February, 2007
Highly controlled medical equipment sales license.

March, 2007
Medical equipment repais business license (10BS200010)

January, 2008
Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales License (10B2X00020)

October, 2008
Sales of Hybrid Oxy started.