Aqua ReSage Health Appliance/Waterbed

Deep relaxation with myofascial release and lymph drainage.
Aqua ReSage AR-I is a gradual water relaxation bed which is based on the theory of human vibration.
The hydraulic vibration stimulus generated by the hyper nozzle acts on the deep muscles and deep fascia to promote myofascial release and lymph drainage.


Power Saving and High Power

Equipped with a new power-up special nozzle (patented) with turbofan technology.
The new special nozzle based on turbofan technology ejects a large amount of water and efficiently generates high power.
※Turbofan technology: Power is efficiently obtained by the energy extracted from the rotational motion. Originally, it is also used in the engine of jet airliners with the technology of aircraft engineering.


The large bed offers a comfortable experience.
The sheet is antibacterial and quick-drying.

●Easy to move due to weight reduction

Lightest weight: 142 kg. Minimum water volume: 110 liters. Easy to move around as it is a model with casters. It is not a permanent installation model.


Product name Aqua ReSage
Power voltage AC100 50/60HZ
Power consumption 1100W
Safety feature Water temperature overheat prevention device
External dimensions W211cm×D74cm×H52cm
Water used Tap water / conditioner
Water volume About 110 liters
Weight 142kg (with water injected: 252kg)
Treatment temperature 30~65°C
Timer 1 – 99 minutes (Timer set every 1 minute)
Stimulation type Water flow, water pressure vibration
Program 8 Programs (30 different modes for each)
Water temperature 20~40℃(1℃ steps)