O2 Prime CHAMBERO2Prime Chamber Capsule Type

A standard hyperbaric oxygen chamber
characterized by good maneuverability and high cost-performance
that can be used in a wide range of industries such as clinics, osteopathic clinics, and beauty salons.


Safety performance built into an aluminum body with excellent durability and quietness

The all-aluminum integrated body achieves high durability and rigidity. There is no seam in the capsule body, so there is no need to worry about distortion, twisting noise, or air leakage.
It is fully equipped with safety mechanisms such as a safety valve that prevents an excessive increase in air pressure, an emergency exhaust valve that can reduce the pressure in an emergency, and a door close sensor.

Touch panel system / Analog operation system that can be selected according to usage conditions

The touch panel system allows you to set detailed values such as atmospheric pressure, pressurization speed, and usage time can also be operated using a smartphone or tablet and a dedicated app.
The analog operation system emphasizes ease of use with a simple design that anyone can easily operate.

Complete repair support and aftersales assistance

O2Prime Chamber Series is an oxygen capsule created by our company, a medical device manufacturer, with our own design. We provide a full range of aftersales services such as opening support, operation support, maintenance, and repairs to the stores and facilities that have introduced them so that they can use them for a long time with peace of mind.

ISO13485 Quality Management Standard
for Medical Devices

As a medical device manufacturer, we have acquired ISO13485, which is an “International Standard for Quality Management Systems specialized in the medical device industry”.

Have a real experience
in our showroom

In our hands-on showroom “REBODY”, you can see various oxygen capsules, and you can actually get inside the capsules and experience the operation.
Please enjoy the experience.


Type O2 Prime CHAMBER
Model OX-II(O2 Prime) /OX-III(O2 Prime LPR)
Size (external dimensions) Φ75cm×L210cm Φ80cm×L210cm Φ90cm×L210cm
Capacity (L) Φ75=900L、 Φ80=1000L、 Φ90=1300L
Weight (kg) Φ75=90kg、 Φ80=100kg、 Φ90=110kg
Material Aluminum
Set pressure (kPa) OX-II:20~50kPa(set in 1 kPa) /OX-III:20、35、50kPa(set in 3 options)
Time set (minutes) OX-II:30~600minutes /OX-III:0~180minutes
Operation OX-II: Touch screen/OX-III:Analog switch
Base Caster

We also accept repair and maintenance of oxygen capsules.

As a medical device manufacturer, Hearmec Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells the O2 series of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers (oxygen capsules) originally designed, and at the same time, focuses on after-sales follow-up such as maintenance and repair of each device.
Among them, we often receive consultations on the maintenance and repair of products of other companies, so we have set up a specialized repair department and accept individual requests.
Please contact us first before giving up if your oxygen capsule is not in good condition or it is out of date and you want to maintain it.