ReBody - ReBody hands-on showroom

We have an experience-based showroom
on the ground floor of the HearMEC’s building.

ReBody is a hands-on showroom equipped with facilities to run a private fitness and relaxation salon.
Oxygen capsules, gym machines, saunas, baths and jacuzzis are all on exhibition, ready for use.
Visitors are welcome to try out the oxygen capsules of their choice.

1Body Measurements

A body composition monitor and blood pressure manometer will be used to monitor your condition and use the facility.


The equipment is mainly used for aerobic exercise to maintain physical fitness and prevent aging.


Refresh your body after exercise.

  • Low-temperature far-infrared sauna
  • Baths available 24 hours a day
  • Nano Microbubble Bath

4Water bed
Roller bed

Afterwards, you will experience a massage on the water bed “AquaReSage” and roller bed.

5Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
and oxygen capsule

For about an hour, your body will be refreshed in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.


On the second floor of the facility you can book a Thai massage (charged) and myofascial release with a bio-trainer (low frequency/electrical stimulation).

7Relaxation room

Enjoy a drink of your choice in the relaxation room to relax your body.


9Outdoor space

We invite all business owners who are considering opening a clinic, osteopathic clinic, esthetic salon, relaxation salon, training gym, etc.or those who are planning to use specialized equipment, such as oxygen capsules, to visit our showroom and experience them first hand.

  • Beauty salon
  • Chiropractic clinic
  • Beauty salon
  • Relaxation salon
  • Training Gym


ReBody hands-on showroom

Location 956-2 Yura-cho, Ota City, Gunma Prefecture 〒373-0036
Phone +81-276-30-4020
By Car 20 minutes by car from Ota-Kiryu I.C. on the Kita-Kanto Expressway
By walking 20 minutes walk from Hosoya Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line

RESERVATION Showroom Reservations

To make a showroom reservation, please call us on the phone below or contact us using the contact form.