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Hearmec (hereinafter referred to as HMC) explains handling of the personal information in this site to manage, and terms of service.

1. About Collection and Use of Personal Information

HMC may likely ask the customer to offer of personal information.

  • Contact
  • Purchase Order
  • Questionnaires, Collect up of the customer’s opinions and demands to our service
  • The other

These are acquired by a means proper within limits required for the offer business of service on the customer, and lawful, and are used for the just purpose of offer and improvement in service, and others. Moreover, it will be used only within the limits of the purpose which it announced in advance, and does not use for the customer beyond the range without consent.

2. About Management of Personal Information

HMC does not offer or disclose a customer's information for a third party except the case of appointed in law and previous acceptance from the customer.

We will manage severely for the important personal information we have kept with implementing a security measures appropriately in order to protect the situations such as disclosure, loss, and an alteration.

We will perform supervisor and education for a worker so that it could be carried out handling of the personal information from customer properly.

3. About Restrictions of Use

The information published at this site and the information kept in our company is strived for reservation of the accuracy and recency. Our company and its associated company hold copyright, and all the information published at this site is protected by the law of the Copyright Act of each country, various treaties, and others.

Our company prohibits that using those of information such as a duplicate, change, and distribution unless anyone who obtains permission from our company previously exceeding the range accepted by individual private use and the other Copyright Act. In addition, it will be forbidden the act which inflicts a disadvantage and damage on a third party and our company, the acts contrary to public policy and customs, an act with risks, and the act aiming at profit etc.

4. About Change of Contents and Use Conditions

Since HMC may make changes to contents of product information and condition of use, also may execute the adjournment, stop and end for our service published on this website without notice, please be noted.

5. About disclosure, correction and stop to use of the personal information

Our company may comply with an offer if customer requests the stop to use, correction and disclosing the contents of own information However, we may be able to refuse any offers in case of a claim does not satisfy the requirements by a statute, and the information of the customer who passed the reasonable period from the last use of our company.

6. About exclusion clause

In regard to use and browsing at this website, our company or everyone concerned to disclose and to develop this website may not take all responsibility for any repair cost and damage which is being generated by accessing or using to this website due to the customer’s own self-responsibility thoroughly.

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