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Company Overview


  • We are the company that design-develops, manufactures in our own domestically for medical devices and health-care equipment, and is making domestic sales, overseas sales, and import and sales.
  • Since our foundation, we have earned our trust from medical institutions in all over Japan through our sales of medical devices and health apparatuses. Moreover, we have provided products helping a life of affluence for the people, carried out our sale and import of the health-care equipment for the Japanese consuming public since year 2003. Nowadays, people are enhancing to be interested in the medical care and relevant field more and more. We will develop with good society while responding actively in the needs of such generation.

Company Overview

ISO13485 ISO9001

Company Hearmec Company Limited
Foundation October in year 1998
Capital JPY35,000,000.-
Location of Head Office
Location of Head Office
  • 956-2, Yura-cho, Ota-city, Gunma, 373-0036, Japan
  • Tel: +81-276-30-4020
  • Fax: +81-276-30-4021
Manufactory in Toriyama
Location of Head Office
  • 1572, Toriyama Kamicho, Ota-city, Gunma, 373-0061, Japan
  • Tel: +81-276-52-8686
  • Fax: +81-276-52-8687
Representative Nobuyuki Kato, Chief Executive Officer
Employees 15 persons
Annual Business JPY200,000,000.-
Accounting Term May
Bankers Bank of Gunma, Ota Branch
Product Line Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule, Far-infrared Sauna, and OEM service
Clients Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor’s Office, Universities and Gyms

Company History

Oct, 1998 Established Hearmec Co., Ltd.
Jul, 2000 Increased the capital to JPY10,000,000. and registration at incorporated company.
Jan 2007 Head office has been set up.
Feb 2007 Acquisition of the Distributive Trade of Specially Controlled Medical Devices (No. 60) Clearance
Mar 2007 Acquisition of the Repair Certificate of Medical Product (10BS200010) Clearance
Jan 2008 Acquisition of the Manufacturing and Sales certificate of Medical Device (10B2X00020) Clearance
Apr 2011 Started up the manufactory in Toriyama
Aug 2011 Acquisition of the Medical Devices Manufacturer (10BZ200035) Clearance
Nov 2011 Displayed our products at MEDICA show in Dusseldorf, Germany
Mar 2013 Acquisition of the ISO13485 and the ISO9001 clearance

Management Concept

  • We will support the medical treatment suitable for a time while contributing to the production of more affluent society through the contribution to medical treatment, health, and a related field.
  • We fulfill our mission sure enough in medical treatment, health, and a related field, in order to ensure the society which leads rich and healthy society, and can live comfortably in comfort.
  • We pursue the medical environment of an ideal as technostructure with the HEART, always considering the value of a life, and the importance of health.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule

  • O2 Prime
  • O2 Prime and LP
  • Hybrid Oxy
    O2 Prime

    Body Temperature and Oxygen - Body temperature is elevated when resupplying the oxygen!

    The key point to keep a cryogenic temperature breaking away from hypothermia is to be activated the metabolism in making better blood circulation. When an oxygen intake is good enough, bloodstream is kept smoothly as well as the internal energy is in enough condition. Blood is gone around to the every corner of the capillary and hands and feet are getting warmer and then you may be able to realize ironing out from sensitivity to cold (there is the individual variation). The best condition for our body temperature is supposed to keep an average of around 36.5 C. When temperature decreases, a decline of the immunity, autonomic nerve unbalance, various troubles including chronic fatigue increase. It is very important to remove cold by every method consciously to keep healthy mind and body.

    It is very important to remove the chill consciously in various ways in order to keep healthy mind and body.

    Oxygen and Recovery from fatigue - Oxygen works to break down the lactic acid bacterium and relieves fatigue and the stress as well.

    Oxygen works to break down and remove the lactic acid bacterium in the blood causing fatigue and tiredness. Therefore a person who has many internal quantities of oxygen takes to relieve from fatigue faster than a person with a few quantities of oxygen. The person who has ability better to take in oxygen is able to recover from fatigue immediately. Also, when the person enhances production efficiency of energy in the body with taking in oxygen sufficiently, it should be satisfied the body with energy and relieved the fatigue. Oxygen affects mental fatigue closely. Because the capillary shrinks under the influence of stress and is easy to fall into a lack of oxygen condition, it would be conductive to mental and physical refreshment preventing lack of oxygen by supplying enough oxygen.

    Oxygen is closely concerned also with mental fatigue. Since a capillary vessel is contracted under the influence of stress and it is easy to fall into an oxygen shortage, it is supplying oxygen sufficient there, and an oxygen shortage is prevented and it leads also to refreshment of mind and body.

    Far-infrared Sauna

    • Material: Westem HemlocK
    • Scientific Name: Tsuga heterophylla
    • Subject: Pinaceae, family of pain trees and Tsuga

    Westem Hemlock is positioned as most important wood in western Canada among the kind of tree in vegetation and wall material etc. are broadly used from construction material.

    • Material: Westem Redcedar
    • Scientific Name: Thuja plicata
    • Subject: the Western Red Cedar is a species in the Thuja genus of the Cupressaceae family.

    This grows up more than tree height 60M and more than diameter 2M in Canada, the British, and the evergreen needle-leaved tree produced all over the State of Colombia. From ancient times, it is called "the tree of a life" to the indigenous people of Canada West Coast, and is loved, and a very good scent is emitted including extracts, such as phytoncide which people who enjoy a forest bath breathe, and a terpene with the insect control effect. Moreover, grain is beautiful, and also durability is high and has the feature strong against humidity.

    For single room: LH-901AH
    For single room: LH-901AH
    For single room: Mini LH-550
    For double room: LH-902AH
    For double room: LH-902AH

    What is Far-infrared Ray?

    In sunlight, the wavelength of far-infrared rays is the longest and they have the character well absorbed into a substance. If it irradiates with far-infrared rays, the skin and subcutaneous tissue will be permeated deeply, and the warm temperature stimulus to a capillary vessel improves blood circulation, warms the body from a core, and stimulates efficient perspiration for a short time.

    A far-infrared sauna is healthy in your body

    In case of the heat treatment over 100 C as ever, the burden on respiratory organs or a circulatory organ system is heavy, and when those who are holding illnesses, such as a lifestyle-related disease, it is not rare to require cautions. Since the far-infrared sauna can be perspired around 60 C low temperature or efficiently, for a pain reason, the air which the high temperature sauna dried is sufficient in a respiratory tract and the person who was stifling also has sauna bath enjoyed comfortably.

    Outstanding respiration

    Since the far-infrared sauna produced in the Hearmec makes the heat source the far-infrared heater used as an object for medical treatments, it demonstrates the outstanding perspiration as a safe and efficient sauna, health care, cosmetics, and fitness so you can utilize broadly.

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