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Oxygen capsule

High quality

  • Pure domestic production (Made in Japan).
  • Engineers who have an assignment with medical equipment manufacturing-and-selling business are existed.
  • Same paint with peculiar tastes as domestic production class vehicle.

Affordable price

  • Cut the extra cost thoroughly by in-house products


  • Ensure high rigidity and durability by welding and integral moulding without using any bolt.
  • Urgent exhaust valve installation.
  • Automatic open safety valve installation at the time of a power failure.
  • Pressure increase protective valve installation.

Support system after purchasing

  • The warranty plan united with the customers
    (Gratis warranty service for one year)

The advantage of direct sale from manufacturer

  • Budget prices which cut the middle margin.
  • The company which is consistent and performs development, manufacture, sale, and maintenance.

Far-infrared Sauna

It is easy installation at construction needlessness!!
It should be OK If there is an electric socket for 100V!!

  • There is a reading light at an entrance and in a room.
  • The LED color lamp which can expect the relaxation effect.
  • Tempered glass adoption safe at a door.
  • Underfoot, a ceramic panel is adopted.
  • The backrest based on ergonomics.

Quality of Material

  • Western Red Cedar.
  • Academic name: thuja plicata.
  • Subject: the Western Red Cedar is a species in the Thuja genus of the Cupressaceae family.

It grows up more than tree height 60M and more than diameter 2M in Canada, the British, and the evergreen needle-leaved tree produced all over the State of Colombia.

From ancient times, it is called "the tree of a life" to the indigenous people of Canada West Coast, and is loved, and a very good scent is emitted including extracts, such as phytoncide which people who enjoy a forest bath breathe, and a terpene with the insect control effect. Moreover, grain is beautiful, and also durability is high and has the feature strong against humidity.

Far-infrared Ray

In sunlight, the wavelength of far-infrared rays is the longest and they have the character well absorbed into a substance. If it irradiates with far-infrared rays, the skin and subcutaneous tissue will be permeated deeply, and the warm temperature stimulus to a capillary vessel improves blood circulation, warms the body from a core, and stimulates efficient perspiration for a short time.

A far-infrared sauna is healthy in your body

In case of the heat treatment over 100 C as ever, the burden on respiratory organs or a circulatory organ system is heavy, and when those who are holding illnesses, such as a lifestyle-related disease, it is not rare to require cautions.

Since the far-infrared sauna can be perspired around 60 C low temperature or efficiently, for a pain reason, the air which the high temperature sauna dried is sufficient in a respiratory tract and the person who was stifling also has sauna bath enjoyed comfortably.

Outstanding perspiration

Since the far-infrared sauna makes the heat source the far-infrared heater used as an object for medical treatments, it demonstrates the outstanding perspiration as a safe and efficient sauna, health care, cosmetics, and fitness so you can utilize broadly.

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