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How does an oxygen capsule have effect on?

It would be possible that there is an effect in recovery from fatigue, the early recovery of an injury, anti-aging, other diets and so on.

What kind of persons are helpful to use it?

It would be useful for all kind of persons. Although there are many goals of treatment, such as injured people, recovery from fatigue and so on, it would still be useful for healthy promotion and beautification in everyday.

Does any active oxygen have when using it?

If oxygen that concentration is extremely high is inhaled, active oxygen may increase, but active oxygen does not increase in about 1.3 atmospheres by a capsule.

What is the standard time to use it?

From 30 minutes to 60 minutes are most standards. Even if it is in more, there would be no problem.

What is the difference between an oxygen capsule and an oxygen bar?

It is difference if it is applied pressure on or not.

Applying henry's law, the quantity which gas dissolves in a liquid is proportional to the partial pressure of the expectation. In short, it can say that the quantity to dissolve also increases proportionally as partial pressure will also go up, and the amount of weld penetration will also increase and an atmospheric pressure will become high if oxygen concentration becomes high.

Our capsule increases the dissolved type oxygen which melted into blood by going into the capsule set as 1.3 times in the atmosphere as much atmospheric pressure. Since dissolved type oxygen melts into blood with a molecule unlike the knot-pattern oxygen (it combines with the hemoglobin of red corpuscles and carried all over the body) obtained by breathing, oxygen spreads even round all the corners of a capillary vessel round which knot-pattern oxygen with a large diameter cannot spread very much easily.

Is there any contraindication such as persons who can not go into an oxygen capsule?

Persons who are using the pacemaker, the stent (artificial blood vessel), administrating the insulin for the patient of diabetes, having a claustrophobia, becoming pregnant, cannot bear a pressure change and the other ones with a chronic disease would be needed to consult with personal physician.

Are there any side effects of an oxygen capsule?

There are no side effects. Since the atmosphere is only compressed, generating of oxygen intoxication or active oxygen is also reliable.

Are any injuries expected to cure early when using it?

It seems that person who is injured such as bone fracture, pulled muscle and so on could recover usually earlier about for a week with an oxygen capsule. Since it is individual comment first and foremost, the effect would be changed depending on people.

Is there any difference between business-use and for home use?

There is no difference now. Although previous oxygen capsule has been difficult operation with low pressure and broken down easily, our capsules are the products that anyone can use such as a bonesetter, orthopedics, esthetic, and ordinary homes.

Is oxygen condensers required?

It is not necessarily required. Many people are using its capsule without any oxygen condensers.

Is it possible to be in the capsule without relieving ear pressure?

That is not the case. Because the support button for relieving ear pressure is in place for our capsule, it will be felt easy with pressing its button if person feels odd for an ear.

Is it be in the capsule by alone?

Yes it is. All the capsules can be operated from an inner side and also from the outside.

How is safety of the capsule?

It is able to be in the capsule at ease because there are three-fold of safeguards such as an urgent exhaust valve and a protective valve of pressure increase.

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